Spring Grinder Machine

Spring Grinder Machine

C-100/C-101/C-101A Spring Grinder Machine

Product ID: C-100, C-101, C-101A, C-101AS

This machine are uniquely developed free from lubrication oil with long life, easy operating, high speed and can grind high precise sprining and any size of pitch & non-pitch spring. Please contact to the local agent.

  • U.S. Agent: Moon Enterprises, Inc.
    • Address: 2701 S. Eber Rd., Monclova, Ohio 43542, U.S.A
    • Tel: 1-419-8661317
    • Fax: 1-419-8651219
    • Web:
    • Person to Contact: Mr. Mark Moon
    • Position: President
  • Maximum Length
    • C-100: 7m/m ~ 160m/m
    • C-101: 7m/m ~ 280m/m
    • C-101A: 10m/m ~ 280m/m
    • C-101AS: 30m/m ~ 400m/m
  • Long life, easy operating, high speed
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Model No. C-100 C-101 C-101A C-101AS
Wire Diameter 0.4mm ~ 3mm 2mm ~ 5mm 3mm ~ 7mm 3mm ~ 10mm
Maximum Length 7mm ~ 160mm 7mm ~ 250mm 10mm ~ 250mm 30mm ~ 400mm
Maximum External Diameter 3mm ~ 50mm 3mm ~ 50mm 3mm ~ 70mm 10mm ~ 130mm
Motor 2HP x 2 , 1/2HP x1 2HP x 4 , 1/2HP x1 3HP x 4 , 1/2HP x 1 5HP x 4 , 1/2HP x 1
Grinder Size 12" x 2PCS 12" x 4PCS 16" x 4PCS 16" x 4PCS
Volume 90cm x 115cm x230cm 112cm x 95cm x 225cm 130cm x 100cm x 220cm 115cm x 140cm x 250cm
Net Weight 700KGS 1410KGS 1690KGS 2200KGS
Packing Measurement (cm) 98cm x 123cm x 267cm 130cm x 116cm x 230cm 195cm x 120cm x 230cm 150cm x 160cm x 255cm
Contact Detail
CEO:Mr. Tony Huang
Address:No. 32, Kue Yang St., San Chung Dist.,New Taipei City 241 Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL:886-2-29071916 / 29072128
FAX:886-2-29015064 / 22103594

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